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SFA-CPR-AED Initial Blended

The Premergency's Standard First Aid, CPR and AED Blended Training Program will teach you how to respond to medical emergencies and render life-saving care until professional help arrives. 

Our instructors have extensive professional experience in Emergency Response. They will guide you through a comprehensive curriculum and will help you navigate First Aid through the practice of proven techniques and procedures.

Step 1: Begin your journey towards certification by completing the online portion of the First Aid program. To ensure your readiness for the practical session, Step 1 must be completed within 60 days prior to attending the practical session. Once you register, you will receive a unique Username and Password granting you access to our comprehensive First Aid Online Learning course. Successfully completing this course, including achieving a minimum passing grade of 80%, will equip you with the necessary knowledge for the upcoming practical segment.

Step 2: Take the next step by scheduling and attending the practical session within 60 days of completing the online component. This hands-on session will provide valuable hands-on experience and reinforce the concepts learned online.

Upon successful completion of both the online and practical components of our accredited Standard First Aid, CPR, and AED Program, participants will be awarded a wallet certificate, affirming their certification. This certificate serves as a tangible recognition of your achievement and expertise in first aid.